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Established around 1300 as a Florentine stronghold against the pressing threat of the powerful Ghibellina Ubaldini family, proprietor of numerous castles in the Mugello area, Firenzuola soon also became a thriving centre for commerce. Its imposing fortifications, still today partly visible, and its urban layout, avant garde for those times, made it a kind of ideal town in the Renaissance era.
The town, seriously damaged during the 2nd World War, preserves, however, some interesting civil and religious monuments, such as the Rocca fortress, today home to the Town Council, the SS. Annunziata Church, restored after the War, and the ring of town walls, with escarpments and corner bastions. In the environs, there is the village of Rifredo, situated not far after the passo del Giogo pass, with its characteristic little stone houses, the nearby Badia di Moscheta parish church, one of the first Vallombrosiani settlements and the Church of St. Patrizio a Tirli.
Particularly attractive, a few kilometres long, is the River Santerno Valley, a deep gorge, with its winding bends between high and sheer cliffs and its typical villages of San Pellegrino, Scheggianico and Coniale.

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