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The Vicars' Palace, Over the centuries, this fourteenth century construction, seat and residence of the Vicar, has undergone many changes which have adapted it to living and administrative needs. After the earthquake of 1929, restoration made it very similar to the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, owing to the merlons and the corbels. The facade is embellished with the numerous coats of arms of the Vicars. Even the interior is decorated with coats of arms from various periods and with frescoes. Madonna with Child and Saints, attributed to Ghirlandaio is noteworthy. Other buildings of great artistic and historical importance overlook the square where the palace stands. St. James' and St. Philip's Church holds many paintings, a Crucifixion by Sansovino and a marble tondo by Benedetto da Maiano. There is the Oratory of the Madonna of Piazza, where the solemn ceremony of the installation in office of the Vicar took place. Also of importance are the Oratory of the Madonna of Earthquakes and that of the Madonna of the Nursery by Alessandro Galilei, on the road to S. Agata. Nearby is the Tower: a medieval tower which has been completely restored, surrounded by a charming Italian garden.

Scarperia has always been connected with the production of knives. The first knife-makers' charter goes back to 1538, showing how important this occupation was even then. The production of knives has continued without interruption to the present day, even if, among the many small small workshops of those times, only a few firms remen active. However, the memory remains and the old processes of this craft are still put into practice: traditions persist strongly. In recent times, there has been a renewed expansion of this craft, blades are shining again and Scarperia maintains and launches again its role as the international centre for knife-making. Amongst the other crafts to be remembered is wrought iron work and the treating of wood for furniture making (especially chestnut wood.)