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The legend says that the ancient Abbey of San Godenzo was founded in the place where in 855 some hunters, attracted by a sparkling light, discovered the corpse of Beato Gaudenzio, who came 400 years before to spend a life as a hermit in prayer. The territory until the 12th century, belonged to the Guidi Counts who constructed numerous fortresses and castles. Around the middle of the 14th century it passed to the Council of Florence and so under the supremacy of the Signoria. The last world war caused tragic destruction at San Godenzo, that is found on the Gotica line. The Abbey was saved, one of the most celebrated and famous monuments of the area. Today S. Godenzo is part of the National Park of the Casentinesi Forest, Mount Falterona and Campiglia. The countryside, that here is definetely mountainous, invites you to have a pleasurable excursion between woods of ancient chestnuts and imposing beeches, to discover unforgettable waterfalls, and rare species of wild flowers and a rich assortment of fauna including deer, stags, roe deer, wolves and eagles.

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