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BILANCINO LAKE A little more than ten million years ago, compressed material formed a big basin which soon enough the waters courses, without vent, changed into a lake. The basin spread for about 300 square Kilometres from the Calvana Mounts to the crags in Vicchio. It is not difficult to imagine the Mugello landscape at the period: sometimes the foggy covers which staunch at the bottom of the basin are in an impressive way similar to that liquid surface. The dregs later brought by torrents brought the lake to an end leaving a flat and fertile valley bottom. Today the valley is again a new large expanse of water: the artificial dam in Bilancino which actually covers one of the sectors in which the old basin was divided. Bilancino lake contains 69 million square metres water, its deepest point is 31 metres and the inclusive surface of water is 5 square Kilometres. It was built to control the Arno floods. It is only a few Kilometres from the motorway entry-exit point of Barberino di Mugello. New sports for this area like canoeing, sailing and windsurfing can be practised on the lake.

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