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San Giuliano Terme is an excellent departure poin to visit the most famus towns of Tuscany, rich of history, art works and architectonic structures. Besides, the closeness to the Tyrrhenian coast still makes the holidaymaker's stay various and pleasant especially in the spring and summer months. San Giuliano Terme, thanks to his happy position between Pisa and Lucca, is an excellent departure point to make excursions on foot, in mountain bike or by car.
With the Pisani's mountain just to the shoulder and the not far ridges of the Appennino, San Giuliano offers to his tourists and holidaymakers the possibility of beautiful walks to the discovery of delightful places immersed in the nature. San Giuliano Terme disposes olso of an excellent sporting center which includes as structures: a covered swimming pool, a foodball field, tennis fields, a track equipped for light athletics activity and a covered basked field. Near to the sporting center, totally surroundet by green fields, there is a complete play structure for children.
THE SPA: Once loved by the Etruscans and the ancient Romans, it became famous for the nobility all over Europe in 1743, when the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Francesco Stefano of Lorena, made it his own summmer spa residence, as well as a fashionable meeting place which had among its other important guests well-known people such as Gustav of Sweden, George IV of England, Vittorio Alfieri, Percy B. and Mary Shelley, Ibrahim Pasci, The Cardinal of York and Carlo Goldoni. The setting of this jewel of well-being is art, history, Pisa, Lucca, nature and the Maritime Park of San Rossore and the social life of Versilia.
Water with beneficial effects and calciferous magnesic sulfate water, naturally rich in vital curative elements, gush forth at the foot of Mount San Giuliano at the Spa out of different springs and are gathered in two groups called the "East Baths" (40 C temperature) and the "West Baths" (38 C temperature). The different types of mud formed by the waters are famous and are the subject of numerous studies by the Hydrological Department at the University of Pisa. The mud and the baths at San Giuliano are particularly prescribed for rheumatic illnesses and the after-effects of injury and sprains.
At San Giuliano inhalation treatments are also carried out which are especially indicated for cronic respiratory tract illnesses due to the alkalinity and the particular richness in calcium and the S04 of the water. With due respect to the spirit which has always enlivened classical thermal water baths, everyone can enjoy the benefits derived from them.

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