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The past formed from this Lustignanian scene and its role, although modest, permitted its name Lustignano in which it has been handed down and identifies the people of this part of the Val di Cornia until today. The actual community has around 200 inhabitants, comprising the depopulated Lagoni Rossi: very few, yes, but very proud of their beloved town and its past and present stories. The spirit of this area is expressed in the recent sculpture of the Lustignanian, Fabio Batini: in the square of the Asilo is his "Fontana della Chiocciola" with the bas-relief of the emblem of the town and the form of the chiocciola (snail), typical of Cornia and a tasty food for the people of maremma, the water is collected in a cup in the form of a serpent, with the eye of a viper but of the harmless type. The Fountain of the Lizard (or better "del ramarro"), a very nice and fascinating reptile for the youngsters which is at the entrance to the town and has the aim of offering to the tourists and the passers-by a seat, the hands symbolise the thirsty population; at last, outside the town, is found "La Fontana del Poggiolo", a rock arena from which is carved, in abstract, the mid-August festival of the town, (organised by the Lustignano Sport and Cultural Association), with a spring for the frequentators of the nearby sports ground.