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Located on the last western elevations of the Colline Metallifere, at 360 m a.s.l., Monteverdi Marittimo is a pretty and quiet village, surrounded by woods and not far from the sea. Easly reachable from the motorway or the highway Livorno-Grosseto (exit Donoratico or Venturina), Monteverdi Marittimo is in the middle of an interesting area for history, archaeology, nature. The territory of Monteverdi Marittimo looks on the wide plain of Cornia. It used to be a Roman province called Giulia Ossequiosa, and it was allotted by the Emperor to his most faithful veterans.
Various remains of this period have been found near the built-up area of Monteverdi; worthy of mention are the remains of a Roman road and the ruins of an ancient villa. Monteverdi Marittimo draws their origins from a Benedectine monastery founded in 754 by Walfredo, a Longobard, first in the line of the noble Gherardesca family. Monteverdi Marittimo has retained their medieval appearance. In the quaint bell-tower of the Deacon's church in Monteverdi Marittimo you may find a fifteenth centry wooden crucifix. The landscape of the Cornia plain is characterized by the luxuriant growth of Mediterranean bush, which explodes into a kaleidoscope of colours with the changing of the seasons.
The bright colours and the intense natural fragrances of the flowers, the ancient oak trees, the turkey oaks and the holm oaks blend togheter and combine in harmony and with great delicacy. In this wonderful natural setting, ancient traditions thrive and constitute an essential part of coexistence in its communities. Hospitality is the order of the day, and everyone's door is open to afford you a glimpse of a charming and spontaneous world.

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