Antica Grapperia Toscana

Via Meucci 2 - Loc. Montanelli
56036 - Palaia (PI)
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The Liquorificio Morelli was born in 1911 from an idea of Cavalier Leonello Morelli, decided to turn a passion into a real profession. Leonello, then owner of a small bar, enjoyed mixed extracts and essences to create infused liquors and then given to his customers, from there the idea of creating a liquor, which was founded in 1911. It was an instant success in a few years Morelli products spread to a good part of becoming synonymous with quality and authenticity. From 1911 to our times have alternated Leonello's son, Dante, and his nephew Piero, until you get to 2009 where I'm at work now firmly sons Piero (the 4th generation of Morelli) Luca, Paolo, Marco, continuing the family tradition have created (along with their parents) in less than twenty years a company that is now close to the threshold of 300,000 bottles, and seeing as customers importantissini restaurants, wineries in Italy, wholesale distributors of prestige and a network of direct representatives well branched throughout Italy.
The Liquorificio Morelli has maintained all production processes to Carratta craftsman mean that the quality of its products be identified and recognized abroad in countries like South Africa, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
It must be said that company is committed to the pursuit of what is the italian-style, so a whole system of Italian produce attention to the quality and aesthetics of their goods, always trying to create something that gives the consumer the final idea of having a unique and unrepeatable object where excellence and esclusivity are always very noticeable. You just need to come and visit our factory in a city Forcoli Montanelli, to taste our products and immerse yourself in our traditions.