Antica Grapperia Toscana

The Liquorificio Morelli uses the most modern and sophisticated equipment, in a completely new and innagurata in 2009, an environment created and designed according to the most current and modern laws, giving their customers a fair and accurate production chain.
Lines of business but have not forgotten our roots, so we are able to adapt the design and modus operandi of the modern while striving to maintain our traditional and our genuine, so coming to visit us to see bottling machines in stainless steel, stainless steel tanks and filters, but also our employees who put labels by hand, tying ribbons to the necks of bottles or glass bottles that fill blown. All this is done to not lose sight of the craftsmanship of the product and the true nature of our business. In addition since 2008 we have a system of graphics and printing procedure, which allows us to create customized labels with logos of customers.
The bottles, corks, cartons and all raw materials before they are used undergo a thorough process to ensure that everything is always optimal from the point of view of health, applied to every bottle over a lot of production that ensures the customer the certainty of having a proper traceability.

All raw materials entering the sphere of production are carefully controlled and come from manufacturers who over the years we have carefully selected based on their quality and professionalism. The system of traceability of products and associated raw materials, and guarantee tranquility to be synonymous with the end consumer, is a procedure we have always applied with this system we can guarantee the highest quality of what we produce, a small example is represented by our Limoncino and Arancino, prepared exclusively with infusions of oranges and lemons without addition of dyes and preservatives. The lemons and oranges are accompanied by a certificate that certainty that such treatment with pesticides and a passport that guarantees the origin, these are then peeled and put under alcohol to be infused, which is periodically shaken. This is a small example which contains our professionalism and our passion.