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The barycentric focation of Pomarance within a region of unquestionable historical-artistic attraction (Pisa, Florence, Siena, Volterra, Leghorn, Massa Marittima), its natural beauties abundance and its inhabitant zheartiness, make this site, situated to the South of the province of Pisa, one of the most appealing centre of "Tuscany minor", to be discover by tourists still now. The landscape we can enjoy is very picturesque due to its oak and chestnut woods, to its villages spread along the slope of the hills, but above all for its Soffioni Boraciferi that give the area an almost unreal appearance.
The work of man that managed to "Rule" these powers regarded as "Satanic" since the earliest times, allowed the development of a big industrial and residential centre (Larderello) well-known for its modern geothermoelectrical station power for the production of electric energy. It is to be considered one of the greatest economic resources of Pomarance and of the whole area of Alta Val di Cecina.
Pomarance, situated on the top of a hill, at 375 m above sea level, towering over the river Cecina in an area of Alta Maremma Toscana called Le Colline Metallifere. Its municipal territory is bounded by the valley of the river Cecina to North-North-East, by the valley of the river Cornia to the South and the valley of the river Trossa to the West-North-West.

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