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Water, which is the prevailing element in the Park, is the real key to comprehension of the area: bogs, ponds, ditches, swamps and channels interlace the woods of deciduous and Mediterranean trees, creating a magnificent variety of habitats which, in turn, attract an abundance of different species of animals.
Wild birds are plentiful: Lake Massaciuccoli hosts over 200 species of permanent, migratory and nesting birds, such as herons, egrets, wild ducks, moor buzrards and stilt plovers. The fauna resident in the Park includes great quantities of fallow deer and wild boars, particularly in San Rossore and Tombolo, as weil as other mammals such the fox, hedgehog, dormouse, badger and squirrel.
The flora to he found in the Park is particularly interesting and includes many rare botanical species like the sun-dew (a small carnivorous plant), the periploca (an extremely rare liana), the marsh orchid, the pink hibiscus and the royal or Florida fern.