la cucina di Paolo Fiaschi

Paolo Fiaschi and his staff love cooking. They love choosing the right ingredients, they love studying the best presentation for their courses. And they want their guests to have a beautiful experience, not only a dinner.
Paolo Fiaschi is the main chef of Papaveri and Papere. He started to work as a cook in the nineties. He opened La Taverna dell'Ozio in Corazzano (Pisa). After this great experience, he decided to start with another restaurant, Pepe Nero in San Miniato. Finally he opened Papaveri e Papere and he swears that this time he won't change anymore.
His character and his temper are magically revealed with his dishes. If you want to know him, just taste them. There's no better way!
Which is the perfect menu for a restaurant in San Miniato? Papaveri e Papere wants to be something between our Tuscan Tradition and the times we live in. Our territory offers a lot of great quality products to us: the White Truffle, the "Grinzoso" ("Wrinkled Tomatoe") of San Miniato, the Potato from Santa Maria a Monte, the Artichoke of San Miniato... But since we don't have a particular typical ingredient for our cooking, we choose those ingredients that tell us a story.
We always start preparing the requested dishes when our guests ask for them, except from some sauces (i.e. ragù and some other meat sauces). And last but not least: pasta and bread are prepared in our kitchen.