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According to an interesting theory, this locality takes its name from the Consumi family, of Ferrarese origin, who were exiled by Borso dEste for political reasons. Settled in Florence in 1482, ten years later the Consumi moved to the present habitation, constructed around an ancient spring and a new church dedicated to S.Domenico di Guzman. At the beginning of the last century, Consuma, by virtue of its proximity to Florence became a famous summer resort, especially following the opening (in 1902) of the so-called Strada Baccelli which linked Consuma with Vallombrosa and Saltino. In particular, amongst its inhabitants were poets, authors, journalists and men and women of the theatre. The area also gave its name to the first uphill motor circuit in Italy, the Consuma Cup, first presented in 1902 and in which the now legendary Ascari and Nuvolari participated. Today, Consuma is noted for its unpolluted surroundings, its climate, which is cool even during the hottest summers and for its pass (Passo della Consuma - 1050 metres above sea level) which permits one to pass from the Florentine Valdarno valley to the Casentino area, a land still not fully discovered for its great natural riches, artists, craftsmen and tourists. It is, therefore, an ideal base for visiting Florence, the Chianti area, the major Tuscan cities and the Casentino itself, enjoying the relaxation brought about by contact with nature. The famous Romena Castle is to be found here. Even in its ruined state there is remarkable evidence of its grandeur and the important historical events witnessed by it.

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