The Museum of the Collegiata of Sant'Andrea

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This is one of the oldest ecclesiastic museums, founded in 1859, in which various authentic masterpieces of Tuscan 14th-16th century art can be seen.
All the frescoes (including Masolino's masterpiece of the Piet) have been,gathered together in the enchanting Baptistery, for which the imposing baptismal font attributed to Bernardo Rossellino was carved.
The second room is devoted to sculpture (Tino di Camaino, Mino da Fiesole).
The Pinacoteca or Picture Gallery has been installed on the upper floor, where the paintings are arranged chronologically: from the polyptych by the anonymous Pistoia master known as Maestro del 1336 to the interesting products of the Florentine workshops, active between the late 14th and the early 15th century. The works that fall fully into the 15th century follow in the next room, with authentic masterpieces such as the two triptychs by Lorenzo Monaco and the small Maest by Filippo Lippi. The following room, next to the Tabernacle of Saint Sebastian by Francesco Botticini and Antonio Rossellino, contains all the works of the Botticini, whose workshop was active up to the early decades of the sixteenth century. The Tabernacle of the Sacrament by Francesco and Raffaello Botticini dominates the room; then come other late fifteenth-, sixteenth- and seventeenth-century works. The visit to the Museum ends in the upper part of the cloister, where various Robbias are on exhibit.

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