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The circa 1800 hectares of the Padule di Fucecchio, situated at the western boundary of the area comprising the four municipalities, in the territory of Cerreto Guidi, make it the largest inland swamp in Italy.
The Padule is one of the last sanctuaries for numerous highly specialized plants (in particular of the water lily family, the variety with pretty yellow flowers, now very rare in Tuscany; the white and yellow water lilies, etc.) and offers great attractions for birdwatchers, above all during the spring migratioin. Over 150 species can be observed in the course of the year, including at least fifty nesting birds. Of particular naturalistic interest are the egrets which nest in a colony, and migratory birds such as the stilt-plover, the crane, the black swan.
There are 9 nature itineraries, mostly on foot, inside the Padule. The Centro di Ricerca, Documentazione e Promozione del Padule di Fucecchio with headquarters at Castelmartini organizes guided tours for adults and for chilclren, as well as elaborating intense study programs on environmental education.

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