Via Provinciale per Tosi, 7
50066 - Reggello (FI)
Tel.: (+39) 055 860259
Fax: (+39) 055 860326

Position: Panoramalage, Hügelland, Vallombrosa Natur Park, Vallombrosa Abtei 10 km

Villa Pitiana

Ristorante Villa Pitiana

Villa Pitiana's menu offers traditional Tuscany food though elaborated with a contemporary taste. First quality food-stuff is mostly supplied by local producers and even by Villa Pitiana estate itself, as the extra-virgin olive oil.

Special Dinner

Cooking Classes

Fish and vegetarian dishes are offered throughout the seasons, while the menu is enriched by truffles and mushrooms. Dessert menu winkles with always delicious newness for a real tasty ending.

The Wine

Wine Tasting