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Aulla is a stratecig cty its naturally and favorable position between the passes of the Cisa, the pass of the Cerreto and the pass of the Lagastrello. Historically Aulla was a point passage of traffics between the sea and the Po plain. With the arrival of the second world war the Anglo-American strafings destroyed the ancient village of Aulla nearly completely.
Currently it is a modern city, with commercial centers it trades them in the vicinities of the freeway of the Cisa even if on hills we find centers medieval: Bibola, Caprigliola and Podenzana. The Fortress of the Brunella is the symbol of the city and conserve the History Museum of the Lunigiana without to forget the Saint Abbey Carvasio.
Aulla is festivities, festivals, fairs and little market; between more notes: Festivity of Saint Caprasio, Festa and Severo festivity Saint di San Benedict.

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