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Fosdinovo is located in the lower part of the Val di Magra, in a strategic position dominating the roads linking the sea to the inland. In fact, Fosdinovo was founded in the XIII century with the purpose of controlling trade through the Fauce Nuova pass, directed towards the rich northern plains of the Po river. Fosdinovo castle is still property of the Malaspina family, which spends here part of the summer holidays.
The surrounding hills are green and uncontaminated; their woods are an ideal place for hikes and bike rides. Different masters ruled Fosdinovo throughout the centuries; however, the ones that left deeper traces of their domination were the Malaspina.
The castle, which still bears the name of the powerful family, was enlarged and restructured according to high military standards. The castle is open to the public and its rooms clearly shows the changes undergone throughout the centuries. Noteworthy is also the "Oratorio dei Bianchi", built entirely in marble coming from the nearby Apuane. Next to it there is the church of San Remigio, founded over a big abbey that was once a marvel to the travellers coming to Fosdinovo. In the church is conserved Galeotto Malaspina's funerary monument, realised by some unknown, excellent Lombard sculptor.

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