Castagno di Piteccio

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Castagno, an ancient village at five hundred metres on a ridge of the high valley of Ombrone, is famous for its salubrious climate and calm. In the village church we can see a well conserved fresco from Giotto's school, discovered during the last restorations. Along the small narrow streets of the village. some works by modern artists have been placed in a suggestive way. Among them we can find frescos and sculputeres wich form a magnificent museum of figurative art in the open. In the june of year 1977 it's inaugurated the Museum to the open of Il Castagno. The current works, of such dimensions not to act dishonestly the environment, protected so that they can resist to the inclemencies, are dislocated in the village without a precise route, but in a such way that the walker is forced to see them and take them like a pretty personal discovery.

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