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In times past, Lamporecchio was a Feud under the Bishops of Pistoia who, most probably, exercised their temporal rights. It became a small rural municipality under Pistoia and then had to submit to Florentine rule which became a steady reality as from 1351. After having been part of the Comunit di Serravalle (1775), it became a Municipio (municipality) itself in 1810. The main residential area of Lamporecchio was higher up, on the slopes of Montalbano, in the locality of Castellaccio, and the last century saw the beginning of the process which was to lead to the present built-up area.
This was thanks to the reclamation of some of the marshy areas, and to the sale of some buildable areas of land on the part of the powerful Rospigliosi family, and this is where one can find the centre of the town today. Lamporecchio, known like the land of the "brigidini", is a town placed between two natural jowels: the marsh of Fucecchio and the sweet hills of Montalbano. It founds in a good central position, easily reachable from the main towns of Tuscany like Vinci, Montecatini Terme, Pistoia, Lucca, Florence and Pisa. The historical center, with his churches, ancient villages and towers is located at the foot of the Monte Albano.
The modern Lamporecchio is situated in the plain. Beautiful is the landscape of Montalbano surrounding the town with its gentle hills covered of olive trees, cypresses and rows of vines.

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