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The town of Pescia takes its name after the river which divides it in two parts and which makes it cool and pleasant for visits especially during the spring and summer. At the end of 12th century Pescia freed itself from Imperial powers and became an independent Municipality. The Medici family was very important for this city. Leone X, Medici's Pope, erected its first parish in 1519 and then the same family improved its economy. The main economy in the past was from water, in fact paper, leather and silk were their main sources.
Today Pescia lives on flower cultivation and tourism. The "Biennale dei Fiori" in Pescia is one of the most important expositions of cut flowers and takes place here every two years. It is surrounded by lot of picturesque valley with wonderful flowers, olive-groves and vineyards. It is very romantic to exploring them walking on the ancient food paths, called "mulattiere".
To see at Pescia: in the old medieval town centre we'll visit Palazzo del Vicario, decorated with coats of arms of Florentine vicars, today seat of the Town Hall; The Church of St. Francesco, which has the most autenthic painting on wood of St. Francisc, painted by Bonaventura Berlinghieri; than we'll visit the Church of San Antonio and last The Palagio or Palazzo del Podest, both beautiful and characteristic buildings of 14th century.

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