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Carmignano, thanks to its privileged location, represents an extremely convenient point to stop off in, with the possibility of reaching in a short time not only such places as Pistoia, Prato and Florence, but also Montecatini, Lucca, Siena or Volterra. A stay in Carmignano means discovering the charm of the hillsides and countryside of Tuscany. Carmignano, apart from its privileged geographical position, is a small comune (municipality) which includes a number of little towns, immersed in the countryside and still at the level of the human being. So, it can be visited for its Etruscan ruins, its Renaissance villas which are embroidered into the landscape or the Medieval Rocca (fortress) which, still today, dominates the town from on high, for the Park Museum Quinto Martini, for the excellent wine, oil and dried figs, for the green of the woods which adorn it or for the pleasure of sweeping your eyes over the marvellous and stimulating views. But the ancient churches and abbeys of Carmignano, with their great and small treasures, sometimes venues for concerts, are another attraction, together with the museums of archaeology and of grapevines and wine. The most important Montalbano churches date from the Medieval period. They were situated in areas which represented crossroads for travellers and pilgrims and each one still preserves today a particular fascination: first of them all is the abbey of San Giusto, with its sober and imposing Romanesque style. Similarly, also, the church of San Martino in Campo, for just a few metres part of the comune of Capraia and Limite, is located on what used to be one of the main linking roads between lower Montalbano and the area of Montelupo and Empoli. Another church of particular interest, a true jewel in Romanesque style, is the parochial church of San Leonardo, in Artimino; here has been recognised the hand of Lombardic workmen who were then operating in Tuscany.