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The monastery of Camaldoli, founded in the 11th century by s. Romualdo, has always been a great centre for the diffusion of spirituality and culture.
Situated inside the age-old forests of Casentino that the monks tended and protected, the complex consists of monastery, church and lodge. In the ancient pharmacy, full of alembics, precious ceramic vases and mortars, one still produces liqueurs, essences, cream and honey. Higher up and just a few kilometers away near to the col is the striking hermitage: encircled by high beeches, wide surrounding walls contain the triumph of 17th century stuccoes of a church and 20 humble cells where the monks of today still lead a cloistered life and grow vegetables and flowers. The cells can only be admired through a grille, although it is possible to visit the one in which Saint Romualdo lived.

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