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Standing on the slopes of the mountain (1184 m) which bears the same name, Cetona still exhibits the fascinating layout typical of medieval town design. From which ever direction the town is approached, the initial impact is that of a cone, the sides of which are formed by the houses themselves, heaped one against the other, and the fortress at the summit, crowned with pines and cypress trees, testimony to an eventful past. Around the base of this cone one can discern remains of two of the higher walls and below them the collegiate church (13th century) which contains a number of noteworthy paintings.
The entrance to the large square, piazza Garibaldi, is something of a surprise, the main meeting place and commercial centre, overlooked by churches and town residences and, at the far end, the Torre del Rivel lino, last vestige of the outermost walls.
The mountain is discovered from inside the Cetona, not only visually but also through the civic museum where the various stages of human settlement on and around the mountain, from the paleolithic to the bronze ape, are documented.
The main prehistoric settlements can be seen in the archeological-nature park in the Belverde-Biancheto area. Some of the caves in the travertine rock can also be visited, such as the Grotta di San Francesco (St Francis's cave), the Antro della Noce and the Poggetto.
The park is a sort of oasis which can be discovered on foot along the well- maintained tracks and where the historical, archeological and naturalist elements are closely interlinked.

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