The restaurant Da Gino is located on the shore of Chiusi Lake, in the green countryside and it offers you the tipical cooking of Tuscany.

Brustico is a particular fish lake dish. It has ancient origin that goes back to the Etruscan cooking, lake fish was cooked with burning reeds on shorelake. Up to some years ago ther were very few fishes who used to prepare the fish using this system, and nowadays this tradition is almost lost. But Restaurant Da Gino is one of the very few place where you can eat the original Brustico barbecued on burning reeds on the shorelake, following the old tradition for twenty years. For Brustico dish are used these fishes: pike, perch and black bass of Chiusi's Lake. The just caught fishes are cooked on the reeds flame on both sides for about half an hour. When fishes become black they are scraped with a knife to remove all the burnt scales and then they are felleted. Brustico is usually served a little warm with pepper, salt, extra virgin olive oil, lemon and vinegar. It is well combined with fresh white wine like Vergine della Valdichiana.

Pici is a typical homemade asta of the South of Siena. These are like spaghetti, are very good with duck sauce and fish sauce.