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The municipalities of Radicondoli and Belforte were among the earliest recorded as having their own community organizations.
In the complex historical events when the two castles were mortgaged to guarantee the pact of alliance stipulated by the Aldobrandeschi Counts with Siena, the towns of Radicondoli and Belforte also held autonomous sworn agreements with Siena. Radicondoli was a great handicrafts centre during the Middle Ages, densely populated and economically important. In the 1300s an important corporation of wool dealers with its own charter was established there. The Municipality of Radicondoli embraces a broad space between the Sienese Montagnola and the Metalliferous Hills. Some parts of the castle are still visible, sections of the wall from which two remaining keeps emerge and a round-arched sandstone gate. Many medieval buildings, mostly Gothic, make up the central city centre. Among the works of art the Parish Church, the Augustinian Convent and the Romanesque church of the cemetery. The city walls with towers, one square and two round ones, can still be seen at Belforte. At the centre of the Castle there is a brick tower, with a pointed arch in stone and the original sculptured corbels.
Within the extraordinary environmental, historical and artistic heritage, one can also visit the localities of Elci, Falsini, Fosini and Montalbano. Montingegnoli is of particular interest, as it still shows the outline of the castle constructed on a semicircle, within which there are numerous rustic houses traversed by a characteristic lane with romantic covered passageways. At Mensano one can see the Romanesque Parish Church, its interior decorated in exceptional capitals. In locality Galleraie there is a spa. The underground is rich in energy potential.

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