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The old fortified village of Rapolano Terme shines whitely with travertine stone and sulphur vapours. Once a border castle of the Sienese Republic, situated where the bleak Crete give way to the first inklings of the Chiana Valley, its waters, gushing out at 38C, have brought the little town well deserved renown as a spa offering mud-packs and inhalations.
The calcareous stone has left its traces everywhere, but above all in the architecture and countryside, for example in the portion of the city walls stili standing (with five round towers and one square one), in the two gateways, and in the original nucleus of the settlement, the castle, which stili encloses some tower-houses and a small Romanesque church. The church of the Fraternita contains two Madonnas: one with the Christ Child, attributed to the school of Pietro Lorenzetti, and one with a Rosary, by Ventura Salimbeni (XVI century), besides fine frescoes from the same epoch.
The surroundings of Rapolano Terme are also well worth a visit, such as the delightful little village of Serre, the seat of the Imperial Governors in the 12th century, atop its hill with its turreted walls, the Palazzo di Giustizia (14th century frescoes), the remains of the fortress and the unusual 14th century "grancia", a characteristic mediaeval fortified granary. Amongst the castles and monuments in the area (Modanella, Armaiolo, Poggio Santa Cecilia) the farm now called Le Pievi is especially worthy of mention; it comprises the ancient parish church of Santo Stefano in Vicoduodecim, with a font already mentioned in the year 1040.

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