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Torrita di Siena has exploited its position at the hearth of the Valdichiana transforming its economy from an agricultural base, at one time the sole activity of the population, to industry and crafts. Small and medium-sized businesses grew up quickly around Torrita, mainly dedicated to wood products, increasing the potential of a small but hardworking community.
The first historical records referring to Torrita di Siena date back to the 11th century when the name appears in an Amiata legal code of the year 1037. At the beginning of the 13th century it was a castle under the domination of the Republic of Siena which held it for successive centuries despite the attempts by Montepulciano to take power. An advanced guard of Siena and because of its strategic position, Torrita di Siena suffered numerous attacks before becoming part of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. In 1554 it was definitively occupied by Imperial troops whose coat of arms (the lion with three spears) was fixed to the tower of the Tower Hall in place of that of the Medici.
Other than the main town which comprises the historical centre and a modern extension lower down, the village of Montefollonico is worth noting, a former medieval castle which still contains interesting traces of its past and is surrounded by a truly beatiful landscape.

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