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"Lastra a Gangalandi" is the original name of Lastra a Signa and comes from Gianluca Gualandi who was the owner of the castle and the ruler of these lands in the 12th century. The name of Lastra probably comes from the flag-stones made in the neighbouring quarries since ancient time and in fact in the coat of arms stonemason's instruments are represented. In the 12th and 13th centuries Lastra a Signa was a little group of houses situated along the ancient via Pisana. Signa and Sant'Ippolito Val di Pesa were the seats of the religious power.
Florence played a very important role in the history of Lastra a Signa since the beginning of 15th century, when Filippo Brunelleschi took part in the building of the walls. Today the residential and productive settlements are concentrated along the river, between Vingone and Porto di Mezzo. The hilly areas are well preserved, their landscapes are very interesting for the plenty of historical, artistic and naturalistic itineraries.

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