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The Thermal Springs of Bagni di Lucca

The properties of their waters were know from Roman times onwards but a parchment dated April 3" 1921 record' the formation of fhe firmal compamy set up to exploit the waters of "Bagno a Corsena" as the Spa was then called. This places it among the oldest of European health resorts. Much frequented during the Renaissance, it received a great boost in the period 1805-1814, during the reign of Elisa Baciocchi, who had the buildings of the hydro restored. Between 1817 and 1847 there was a great development of tourism band an expansion of hotel accommodations to encourage the growing British community, which included poets like Byron and Shelley.
The thermal complex is based upon 19 springs of water containing salts of sulphur and calcium reaching a natural temperature of up to 54 C and of varying concentration, warmth and radioactivity. At the establishments knows as "Jean Varraud" and "Casa Boccella" a series Spa treatments may be taken such as it would be difficult to find in any other single location. These include plunge baths, mud treatment, the grotto of natural vapour and inhalation treatment. They are particularly indicated of internal and gynaecological complains, wounds and respiratory and rheumatic diseases.