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The first historical written documents on Seravezza date back to 1040, even though the first human settlements already existed during pre-roman times. It seems that the name "Seravezza" derives from a place-name of the longobardo period (Sala Vetitia. Trade centre). Serravezza's medieval history is characterised by events regarding the nobles of Corvaia and Vallechia and the persecutions against them by the town of Lucca.
It was destroyed and occupied on numerous occasions, at first by the Lucchesi troops, then by the Florentine and French troops. The first authentic document of the commune of Seravezza dates back to 1515, the year in which the town offered Florence the Monte ceragiola and the Altissimo " quibus dicitur esse cava et mineria pro marmoribus cavandis". There were numerous iron-foundries in this territory where the veins of minerals were worked. The marble quarries began to be exploited on a large scale becoming the destination of famous sculptors in search of precious marble to sculpture. From the 16th Century onwards, the history of Seravezza coincides with the excavation and working of marble, with periods of development and crisis. Two brusque arrests were registered during the periods of belligerency of the World Wars. The strategic position of Seravezza was tragically reaffirmed during the Second World War. For nine months the town was on the Gothic front which caused the mourning, ruin and destruction of entire villages, public works and industrial plants. Its reconstruction was rapid and complete thanks to the commitment and ability of its people.