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"THE CASTELROTTO FARMER'S WEDDING" - January - One of the oldest traditions in the region is the Castelrotto Farmers Wedding. This event is held every year in January in exactly the same way as it was many years ago. The celebration lasts a whole day, with jokes and banquets; about 20 sledges transport the guests in traditional clothes to the church. The highlight is the ride of the wedding party on beautifully decorated sleds from St. Valentin to Castelrotto.
The following wedding meal (in Kastelruth/ Castelrotto) was made up of (original menu):
- Anise doughnuts with cream or cold meats - Soup and sausage - Fried entrails (Gschling) - Calf's head and sour "Kreas" - Vienna cutlet and compote - Wafer pancakes

"OSWWALD VON WOLKENSTEIN RITT" - June - Each year innumerable cultural events attract increasingly more visitors to the Schlern plateau. One of the best known is the Oswald von Wolkenstein Ritt, a horse riding event, namend after the popular medieval trobadour. The spectators are held spellbound by suspense, action and folklore, when altogether 36 teams of four compete in four tournament matches, all in authentic historical settings. Among other contests, man and steed chase through the "labyrinth" in the shadow of Oswald's home, Hauenstein at Seis, while the large bathing pond Vlser Weiher is the venue for the steeplechase, finishing with the ride trough the gate before the venerable castle Schloss Prsels. The arrival of the teams is celebrated on the day before the main tournament.

"THE LARGE KASTELRUTHER SPATZEN FESTIVAL" - October - On home ground, fans of the Kastelruther Spatzen have the opportunity to enjoy something special. The "heroes of folk music" will excite you, surrounded by the unique backdrop of the Dolomites. Even the songs of the "Spatzen" sound better if you experience them in their natural Kastelruth surroundings.