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Colourful, fine decorations from a splendid past, delicate stone engravings, the nostalgic fascination of the romantic Kurhaus Rotonda - Merano is rich in such example of Liberty-style glory. The great Kursaal hall, the Pavillon des Fleurs - such musically sounding names for truly unique buildings Everyday life and art thrive together where palm trees line the river walks. Top-notch attractions at the various music festivals. Great names from the world of fashion. Prestigious meetings, conferences and congresses. All worthy of international attention. It is possible, of course, to eat wherever you may be but not necessarily well. A truly exceptional chef must have a passion for his work and people who appreciate really good food must do so with that same passion! To love life, you must also love good food and wine!
The local culinary specialities are both varied and creative making Merano the perfect place for gourmets. Close your eyes and let your problems disappear. Enjoy the pampered care of the qualified staff at the spa health-and- beauty centre. Merano was, in fact, already a classic spa resort more than a century ago. Enjoy a dip in the indoor thermal pool, relax in the sauna or let expert hands massage your aches and pains away. You are sure to look and feel so much better afterwards.