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Applehighplateau - Eve would truly have enjoyed this place: delicious apples grow in the sun of the heart-shaped plateau of Naz, Sciaves, Rasa, Fiumes and Aica. The dry climate and altitude are just perfect for growing apples. Stroll around this peaceful and intimate countryside kissed by the sun, sit on a bench, relax and take in the view of the villages, churches, farms, fields and fruit orchards. In this scenic wonderland suspended between the solitude of the mountains, the romanticism of the Rienza river or the tranquillity of the "Raiamoos" biotop, close to Rasa, there is room to forget the worries of everyday life and fill up on energy.

Naz is located in the heart of the plateau. It is surrounded by a large number of orchards which, in the spring, display a fragrant mantle of a fragile pinkish-white colour and in the autumn are laden with delicious apples. 890 m a.s.l.
Sciaves - surrounded by orchards and conifer woods. 775 m a.s.l. Rasa is located on the southern part of the plateau. The town is surrounded by orchards. 824 m a. s.l.
Fiumes is the smallest country ward of the municipality of Naz-Sciaves. Nature which is still intact and enchanting scenery. 898 m a.s.l.
Aica is protected by the winds from the north and boasts of a very pleasant climate thanks to its sunny location. 730 m a.s.l.

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