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Flora - A walk in springtime or summer from the rich blossoming fields and meadows of the valley bottoms across the less exuberant vegetation of dense forests to high pastures and the more classical alpine flora can be a charming and unforgettable experience. There is an infinite variety of medicinal plants, in particular the mugwort, but also very rare plants from a phytogeographical point of view, like the long-stemmed linnaea borealis or the listera cordata.
The humid and peat soils are especially rich in vegetation and this is where you will find the eriophorum scheuchzeri. On very high altitude levels the vegetation ressembles the tundra with green spots amidst scarce debris and snow fields against the backdrop of mountain peaks covered by eternal snow and ice.

Photo and text: Consorzio del Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio
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