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The culinary pleasures of Val Gardena are many and varied. Above all they are as international as the visitors to the valley, combining the finesse of Italian cuisine with traditional fare and local dishes. So this is another aspect in which Val Gardena has something for everyone to enjoy.
And those visitors who like to enjoy something new might like to try some of the following Ladin specialities:
Crafuncins are a form of ravioli; panicia is a barley soup with pieces of smoked meat; saura is a soup made of tripe; ribl da furmenton is a kind of buckwheat pancake dish; bales da furmenton are buckwheat dumplings. A jufa is a puree made with corn meal and wheat flour; grosti da patac cun craut are roast potatoes and sauerkraut; grosti da anes enzucredes are sweet pancakes with aniseed and sugar; tirtles are pasties filled with spinach, turta da furmenton is a buckwheat cake with a currant jam filling, and crafons are pastries with a poppy seed filling.

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