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The fox, the hare and the marmot
The woods, meadows and mountains of Val Gardena have lots more surprises in store for the quiet and considerate walker and nature-lover: from the courtship display of the blackcock down in Vallunga to the Alpine choughs that come begging for food during your well deserved rest at the mountain summit.
The most common representatives of the regional fauna are doubtless the chamois and the marmot. In the Puez area, in particular, herds of chamois are a common sight. The marmot digs its burrows on sunny slopes and can be found in many places, not just on Alpe di Cisles. Where there are marmots, the golden eagle is never far away. And an encounter with a deer or hare is nothing unusual, especially early in the morning.
The flower-filled meadows are the ideal place to see a variety of songbirds, like the redstart, finches, thrush, lark and tits. For the ornithologist, conditions are ideal for observing the rarer species in their natural habitat, such as the eagle-owl, the screech owl or the sparrowhawk. Woodpeckers are a frequent sight for the quiet walker, including the spotted and green woodpeckers, although the black woodpecker is the most common.

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