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There is no reason why nostalgia should be the automatic response to times gone by. Life was hard, and privation was the rule. But there was variety, too, with an annual calendar - indeed the whole life - made up of a succession of mostly rustic customs and celebrations. New Year's wishes, Shrovetide and Easter customs, the processions of decorated cattle brought down from the mountains before the winter, and much else besides gave a special character and spirit to everyday life and holidays alike.
Once upon a time the majority of the people from Val Gardena possessed a "Tracht" (a typical South Tyrolean costume). The wealth and uniqueness of this costume from Val Gardena is due to the fact that our antecedents were traders who travelled widely.
Nowadays this costume is only worn during processions and important religious holidays and also on occasions when each town and village wear their own costumes in a display.

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