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Alto Garda - Dro - Nago - Tenno
A famous characteristic of the Garda High is the sweet climate and mild of winter determined from the presence of the lake that is one of the greater tourist attractions. The Garda High is one of the loved goals more from the sportsman for its outstandings walls allows to face climbs for bravest, its limpid waters invite the lovers of the sail and of the swim while for who it loves the total relax can decidedly grant to long walks on the beach admiring a magicl landscape.
Valle di Ledro - Bezzecca - Concei - Molina di Ledro - Pieve di Ledro - Tiarno di Sopra - Tiarno di Sotto
Valle di Ledro is characterized from a landscape surpassed from mountains and bushes woods.This zone is rich of history, culture and art. In 1929 when the level of the lake was lowered for jobs was found one of the greatest stations preistoriche.Il village finds themselves to Molina di Ledro where the finds they are guarded to the inside of a museum.
Valle dei Laghi - Calavino - Cavedine - Drena - Lasino - Padergnone - Pietramurata - Sarche - Terlago - Vezzano
They of Lagos Goes is situated between the Dolomite group of the Brenta and the Bondone Mount and extends from lakes of Lamar to the inferior feature of the Sarca.In river Winter the tracks from ski is reachable in little time.
At Alto Garda, Valle di Ledro, Valle dei Laghi, there is tourist accommodation available in hotels, farm holiday, farmhouse, residence self-catering accommodation, mountain chalets, b&b, rooms for rent, holiday homes, camp sites and tourist villages.

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