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Ponte Arche - Terme di Comano tourist area situated at an altitude of 400-900 metres with a typical alpine climate in the south-western Trentino, between Lake Garda and the Brenta Dolomites in the heart of the Adamello-Brenta Nature Park. The place-name Ponte Arche comes from the old bridge crossing the River Sarca joining Bleggio to Banale and is called bridge with three arks. Walking through a wide park it is possible to reach the Comano Spa whose water is particularly suitable to curing skin diseases.
The name is derived from the mythic Sibyl Cumana, the Roman prophetess who, according to legend,guarded the miraculous source as it were a treasure. From Comano, a typical village of the Valli Giudicarie, going up towards the "Panoramica" you get to the top of Mount Casale (1630 m), the most panoramic site of the Outer Valli Giudicarie. The view of the 7 alpine lakes (Andalo, Molveno, S. Massenza, Toblino, Cavedine, Terlago) and of the massive ranges of Brenta and Adamello-Presanella is quite breath-taking.

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