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The Visitor Centres in the Park
Each centre represents a small museum where, as well as receiving information on initiatives organised in the park and subscribing to them, you can buy publications and items of naturalist interest, and study specific park themes.

The Park House - Villa Welsperg sited just beyond the entrance to Val Canali near the lake in Tonadico, since 1996 is the Park administrative office. A tree-lined avenue crosses the large garden with a small pool and leads to the Chapel, to the herb garden and to the entrance. The Villa hosts a modern and articulated Visitor Centre with a room having a large model of the Park, a video room and a history room on the dynasty of the Counts of Welsperg, once owners of the Villa. There is also a splendid room with aquariums and a natural history room with collections.
The San Martino di Castrozza centre - Small, charming, rich in information, this centre examines the naturalistic aspects of climate, geology, and paleontology and of the environment and fauna at high altitudes in this protected area. References to local archaeological discoveries, a small surrounding park, a small pond with a bunker that allows underwater observation and a rock garden all go to enrich a visit to this Centre.
The Panaveggio centre near he old sawmill - Not far from the lake at Forte Buso, the Paneveggio Centre tells of the great spruce forest, known to all as the Violin Forest being the source of the high quality resonant timber once used by a violin makers. It tells about the animals of the forest too, first among many the stag and the capercaillie. Not far off, a fenced area allows close observation of these species. A naturalistic itinerary leaves from the Centre, and has a number of illustrated observation points.
The Pr de Madego centre - This small centre, originating from a restructured "tabi" (former barn) in Valsorda, outside the town of Caoria, is the high-altitude access point to the great Ethnogrphic Route. This route consists of a set of pathways connecting the town of Caoria with the Malga Vesnta de sora Alpine pasture, one thousand metres further up, crossing through places the inhabitants settled, built up and transformed in centuries of activity.
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