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Crenotherapy with Terme di Comano water, often combined with selective phototherapy yields impressive results with scales pickling, the reduction of skin-infiltratings/seepings and lesions, as well as on the rehabilitating and preventative effect brought about by long lasting effects of these treatments. Excellent results are also obtained with atopic dermatitis which above all affects infants. Thousands of small visitors come each year to complete a course of baths with hydropinic treatments using water Terme di Comano, whereby the success rate is 70%, there is a remission of clinical dermatitis and pruritus with no signs of recurrence even after six months following the cessation of spa treatments and in the absence pharmaceutical therapy.
Among the dermatological ailments treated at Terme di Comano, chronic urticoria (nettle rash), lichen ruber planus and neurological dermatitis are especially worthy of mention. However, impressive results have also been obtained with other conditions. Respiratory ailments are treated using inhalations, aerosols and micronized nose drops; for the circulatory system the water is used for hydromassages. In addition to offering classic face and body therapy and osteopathy our cosmetic medicine centre is specialised in treating cellulite in conjunction with various other methodologies: hydro-massage, lymph gland drainage, presso-therapy and meso-therapy, though always in combination with water therapy. When ingested Terme di Comano water has a diuretic effect and is therefore detoxicating. These treatments are carried out in the spa centre, a modern building situated on the bank of the Sarca river in the midst of an extensive natural park, an oasis of silence with pleasant and undemanding walks among pine woods containing fitness trails for jogging, a pretty lake and a well equipped play area for children.