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Moena is the gateway to the Valle di Fassa and marks the ideal boundary with neighbouring Valle di Fiemme to which it belonged administratively in previous centuries and to whose general Community it is still linked. Moena lies in a splendid flood basin surrounded by some of the most picturesque Dolomite groups, including the Latemar, Valaccia and the green offshoots of the Costalunga pass.
The largest town in the Valle di Fassa, Moena is known both in Italy and abroad as the "Fairy of the Dolomites", incorporating completely the allure and ancient charm linked to tales lost with the passing of time. Architecturally, the town is well-appointed and displays a captivating beauty that accompanies elegant shops. Here you have the chance to satisfy your desire for a class shopping experience during your holiday.
The whole town, as with the surrounding areas, has a strong tourist vocation that has reached excellent quality standards.
In summer Moena is valued for the many walks and numerous mountain bike trails of varying difficulty. It is the already classic homeland of mountain bikers. The route of the "Rampilonga" winds through the area has become the largest mountain bike marathon in Italy.
In winter, just 3 km from Moena, lies the heart of the Trevalli ski area, featuring a very modern network of ski-lifts and an equally technologically advanced system of programmed snow. Connections towards Bellamonte, Falcade and Passo San Pellegrino (Costabella, Cima Uomo and Col Margherita) offer users maximum ski-run availability and a high quality offer in the friendly mountain lodges located at the ski-run intersections where it is obligatory to let yourself be kissed by the sun.
The town's name derives from the Latin word "mollis" to signify the feature of "damp ground".
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