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Tastes that live on from the past - In all hotels and restaurants in Val di Sole you will enjoy some sample of typical local cuisine, especially if you choose a farmhouse restaurant, that will suggest a whole meal based on traditional dishes prepared with local products. The traditional every day lunch in Val di Sole mainly consisted of polenta, that used to be prepared with buck wheat and emmer in addition to corn. Among its variations, taste "polenta rostida", sliced and roasted in lard with potatoes and cheese, or "monchi", soft polenta dumplings seasoned with cheese, butter and sage. Potatoes are a key ingredient in Val di Sole cuisine, but its king is certainly milk, with its derivatives, butter and cheese. Savour the delicious, soft cheese called "casolet" or the tasty "grana trentino"(a kind of parmesan cheese). Sample "poina", the local cottage cheese, alone or as filling in "capelzi", a sort of big ravioli. Or try the traditional delicacy of cottage cheese, either smoked or grilled in the grandfathers' way... Among the main dishes, try the so-called "fregoloti" soup, the "minestra d'orz" (barely soup) as well as "strangolapreti" (delicious spinach dumplings). Savour some of the meat and sausage rich production, and don't miss mushroom dishes, made with the chanterelles and delicious edible boleti that in summer and autumn...mushroom in our woods. Among desserts, try the "torta de fregoloti", made with butter, almond, sugar and wheat, a taste of liqueur and a lot of patience, or the harder-to find "torta de lev", or again the "smorm", once typical evening dessert for children. And to end with, an apple, or rather a "Melinda", grown in the lower Val di Sole.

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