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Torbole sul Garda, an ancient fishermen's village, owes its fortunes to tourism because of its enviable geographical position, as it is located on the shores of a such a large lake with the strong encircling mountains which protect it from winter's cold. It enjoys, as does the whole territory of the Garda a mediterranean climate and flora. Touristic Torbole sul Garda today also owes its fortunes to the possibility of practising many sports: from sailing to windsurfing, from mountain-biking to free-climbing. Of all the villages around the lake, the wind is constant and blows with the greatest intensity at Torbole sul Garda. This is due to its geographical position, being situated on the north shores of such a big lake, and also to the orographical suitability of the surrounding territory. When the weather is good the wind blows constantly southwards in the morning and northwards in the afternoon, due to the difference in temperature between the lake's surface and the land situated around it at the north. Usually the wind is just like a strong breeze and is particulary suitable for practising sailing sports. Windsurfers find the best conditions on the water in front of Torbole and during the summer many boating and windsurfing contests of great, even international importance are held. Torbole's pictoresque port, which now holds only a few fishing and tourist boats, once was one of the busiest ports on the north of the lake. The wide attractive beach equipped with facilities extends from the Sega to the river mouth of the Sarca. Along the beach you can find Pavese Park, the green heart of Torbole rich with secular trees and the huge lawn at Villa Cian. Situated just a little more than one kilometer from the lake, Nago today appears to be an important tourist spot, chosen by many guests for its good hotels, along with the hospitality, quitness and serenity of an ancient rural village. Even now the town still holds the appearance of an ancient medieval village, with beautiful narrow streets, typical squares and houses closely leaning togheter. Furthermore, beautiful churches and portals testify an ancient nobility, magnificence and splendour. Apart from the lake with it's well-kept beaches and crowded meeting places, Torbole sul Garda and Nago also offer beautiful walks, winding inland, up the hills and among the fields, through olive and vineyards, along small ancient roads, silent and peaceful. These are easy to reach places, where it is possible to spend a few hours of peace and serenity, with the leaves rustling in the breeze as the only noise, whilst looking at the beauty of nature, that has been so generous here.

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