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The most interesting artistic centre of the area is, obviously, Orvieto, a little town with a mixed urban fabric and an interesting medieval base. The city, positioned high up on a tuff crag, dominates the landscapes and is rich with highly prized archaeological findings. Very interesting to visit are the smaller towns, too. The district may also have environmental interesting attractions, such as the Corbara lake and the excursions to the Croce di Serra Mount from which, during days with clear sky, one may see the Sibillini Montains and the lake of Bolsena. The natural green mosaic of the countryside provides an assortment of tastes and flavours in the array of local produce. Good food can be found on every table, in the countryside and in the town. From the vineyards of the Orvieto district, already a source of pride for the Etruscans, comes the very highly-prized white wine "Orvieto Classico", famous throughout the world. The artisan skill has very remote origins linked to the Etruscans and to the Romans and is rich in traditional and modern expressions. Art, Culture, Religion, History, and Food and Wine Connoisseurship are the themes of the entertaining events held during the year.

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