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Umbrian Cuisine

Umbria has always been a rural region and its cuisine refleets this with simple, flavoursome dishes made from genuine ingredients.
Local agriculture produces fresh fruit and vegetables, high quality olive oil, pork products and tender beefsteaks, whilst the rivers furnish carp, trout, pike, tench, mullet and perch, and the woods mushrooms of prize quality.
Black truffles, lentils and cheese come from Valnerina and white truffles from the Upper Tevere valley and Eugubino Gualdese. The hills are covered with vineyards which produce a fragrant wine to complement the healthy and appetising food.
The main cooking implements are griddles and spits, while aromatic herbs, marjoram and fennel lend an unmistakeable flavour to the food, and olive oil is an exclusive dressing.
All over the region exceptional pork antipasti can be tasted: firm, lean harn, neck flavoured with garlic, pepper and salt and fresh or dried pork sausages.

Umbria is a place with a great tradition for hospitality and offers a large variety of accommodation possibilities: hotels, farm holiday, farmhouse, residence self-catering accommodation, b&b, rooms for rent, holiday homes, camp sites and tourist villages: there remains only to choose and undertake an interesting journey amidst myth and history. Umbria may also be discovered at any time of the year.