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Its origins are very old and the territory was certainly occupied by the Etruscans as it is certified not long ago "ipogeo" of the Villa Sagraia and the fortified village of Bellona on the top of Mount Murlo. Certainly in 217 b.c. after the unfortunate battle of Trasimeno the population of Lisciano Niccone and Bellona offered their help to the Roman soldiers running from the massacre and for this Hannibal put the territory to fire and sword. It is possible that Lisciano Niccone got its name from Lisius or Licius that came from the Roman period. The adding of the name Niccone is tied to the river of the same name that cuts through all its length the Pierle Valley and that the Monks of the ancient Abbey of Saint Benedetto, of which can still be seen the ruins half-way up the mountain, who first began to reclaim the land.
On the Marte Plain, situated a short distance from Lisciano Niccone, it seems that the Roman Emperor Pertinace successor to Commodo was a native. All the valley, other than during the Byzantine period, became an important strategical position in that it allowed communication, through a narrow corridor well fortified, between Rome and Ravenna passing by Perugia and for the High Valley of Tevere.
The Castles of Lisciano Niccone, Pierle, Danciano, Pugnano, Sorbello, and Reschio witness to the existence of this defensive line. In 1202 the Castle of Lisciano owned by the Marquis del Monte passed to the protection of Perugia. After a short period in which the Castle of Lisciano belonged to the family Casali of Cortona in 1479 it returned under papal governership and there it rested until 1861 when it became part of a united Italy.

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