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Montefalco can be seen from anywhere in the Umbrian Valley. Looking towards the southern hills, it descends towards the north, slowly sloping towards the southwest. From the center of the plain, its green stands out in the summer and the silver of the olives in the winter. From Montefalco, truly a "balcony", one can enjoy a 360 view of the entire valley. Besides Perugia and Spoleto, you can see Bevagna, Trevi, Gualdo Cattaneo, Giano dell'Umbria and beyond to the powerful outline of the Martani Mountains, Mount Subasio and the Apennines, the peak of Mount Vettore and the winding courses of the Clitunno and Topino Rivers.
At Montefalco, enclosed by a massive XIII-century wall, the bell towers and defense towers spike up among the tile roofs. For centuries the religious and civil elements of the city have lived together in harmony. As soon as you enter the city you must begin to climb. Any direction leads to the round Piazza of the Commune, the heart of the city. Both civil and religious buildings face onto the piazza including the Communal Palace with its XV-century balcony.
Tracts of the Flaminian Way make up the main roads which connect the neighboring cities of Foligno, Spoleto and Massa Martana. The few centers in the territory, are connected by a dense network of roads, mostly constructed during the Middle Ages. Montefalco is 200 km from Florence and 150 km from Rome.

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