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The rivers are almost all a part of the Tevere irrigation basin. In the mountains they have gouged out deep, narrow gorges such as that of the Nera river, one of the major tributaries of the Tever along with the Sordo, Corno and Velino rivers which meet at the Marmore waterfall. The lake of Piediluco, fed by the waters of the Nera, opens out with Mounts Corno, Caperno and dell'Eco in sight.
The steep crevices of the south west fluvial zone are a stark contrast to the rounded tops covered with meadows and the tectonic basins with the typical karst limestone erosion and wide lakes, found for example on the Piano Grande of Castelluccio di Norcia. The northern mountains are less harsh wich the alluvial basins of Gubbio and Gualdo Tadino. Moving west is the distinctly flatter but hilly upper valley of the Tevere. The agriculturehere is continuous, ranging from the ancient tobacco crop, introduced in 1575 in San Giustino and now concentrated around Citt di Castello, to vineyards and the more recent cultivations of tomatoes and peppers.
Towards Tuscany, framed by a gentle landscape planted wich vines and olives, is Lake Trasimeno. Returning south one encounters the smooth hills of the sub-Appenines, with wide flat areas of intensive fruit-farming.